Our Beginning


To introduce the fundamentals of movement to those who have a desire to dance. We also strive to influence every student in our care with confidence and ability to dance without limits as a service to the Lord while exhorting (strongly urging) our audience to seek a relationship with God.

The training center was established to teach and promote dance through performance in the genres of ballet, liturgical, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, and creative movement. The studio began with a small enrollment and has since experienced exponential growth. Ms. Robben Ervin has served as the founder, director, creative director, and instructor since the school’s establishment. She has recruited and trained a staff of qualified dance instructors and administration to help in the daily operations of the dance studio.

Your donations are vital to help us reach our goals. No amount is too small.

Thank you, DCETC Family

Future Endeavors

The studio is located In Fort Worth at The Highland Hills Recreation
​Center. As a private dance school, expenses are covered by tuition, which is paid by parents. As it is our desire for DCE to thrive and produce well-trained dancers, we need to occupy a space that meets our instructional needs. Therefore, we are seeking to partner with other business owners/operators like you, to meet our financial goals and relocate to a new facility.

The school’s premise is to be a full service, highly revered Christian training center that places students in the best position to explore future opportunities in ministry by way of the performing arts.

Dancers Called to Exhort Training Center