Note: This document is subject to change at any time, at the discretion of DCE administration. All updates of changes will be put in writing and copies of the updated writing will be made available.

Studio Rules and Policies

Dancers Called to Exhort (DCE) Training Center offers dance instruction in the genres of ballet, liturgical, modern, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and creative movement. Instruction includes dance terms of art/vocabulary, fundamental movement, technique, choreography, and performance direction. The DCE Director, faculty, and administrative staff strive to work in partnership with parents and students to maintain a good working relationship so that each student can reach their potential. The following DCE rules, regulations, payment information, and guidelines are for the 2019-2020 dance year.

Student Classroom Rules, Dress Code, and Expectations

Classroom Dress Code and Attire
* Each student must be in proper practice attire for each class. This means NO street clothes for ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, or tap dance class.
*Each student must wear the shoes specified in the "Dance Rehearsal Attire" portion of your packet in every rehearsal. Adults and parents of participating children
please write the name of the student inside each dance shoe​
*Hair must be worn up and away from the face
*All jewelry with the exception of studs are prohibited
*Children will not be allowed to leave the school until signed out by a parent, guardian or person designated on pick-up list
*No food or carbonated beverage is to be consumed during rehearsal
*Payment of Tuition and any dues must be up to date (see Tuition and Fundraising requirements)
*Students are encouraged to rehearse at home between classes
*(Classes are closed to the public and parents)
All students must come ready to dance at their scheduled practice time. If you need to change upon arrival please arrive early.

Practice Attire:

Beginners Ballet & Ballet/Hip hop

Pink leotard- No attached skirt

Pink tights pink and

Pink Split Sole ballet shoes 

 Hip Hop Competitive 

Loose fitting clothing: sweats or cargo pants,
t-shirts w/o inappropriate slogans. 
Athletic Sneakers 
NO Shorts, Vans, Converse, Keds Etc

Intermediate Multi-Genre 

For Ballet, Lyrical and Jazz:

Black leotard

Black Leggings

Pink Ballet Shoes

Black Jazz Shoes

We cannot express how much your child’s development will depend on your commitment. Each missed rehearsal places the student behind classmates and slows down progression. Please make sure you will be able to commit to:

1). Attending scheduled classes
2.) Arriving on time. Each class contains vital developmental materials that will tie into subsequent rehearsals, so unless it’s an emergency (and you’ve contacted Admin to notify us of any anticipated absence)please do not miss. Timeliness is of great importance. Tardiness is a terrible distraction to the entire class and in an effort to reduce distractions students will no longer be accepted after 10 minutes into the class. All students who arrive after the scheduled class time will wait in the foyer until 10 minutes after class time when all those who are tardy will enter the room at one time together. This will count as a tardy. If any student is arrives after the 10 minute scheduled class time they will be counted as absent for the day. Please Be On Time.

Your student is NOT permitted to sit out for one (1) month or more during the dance year, for ANY reason, including financial.

Absences: If a student must miss class, please let us know. Our team will help you schedule the appropriate make up class. Three 3 tardies will count as one absence. After four absences, the student will be required to attend a 30 min make up/semi private lesson for EACH absence thereafter. Make ups are done on the instructors’ time and will incur a fee ranging from $12.50.

Students who exceed the attendance limits or fail to make up absences will not be permitted to dance in the semester recital. As we approach recital, absences will NOT be permitted without director approval after March.

Notify DCE Admin of your Child's absence before your scheduled class via Remind or leave a message @ 817-881-4907.

Behavior and Discipline
"Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with grief; for this would be unprofitable for you." Hebrews 13:17

Behavior expected to mirror the behavior students’ exhibit at home, at school, and at church. DCE faculty and staff will observe students’ behavior at all times, especially in the classroom.

Classroom Rules:
 *Be obedient
 *Be attentive
 *Be respectful to the instructor, your peers, and yourself
 *No put-downs, no swearing, or foul language
 *No whining or complaining
Discipline begins with up to 3 warnings. After the 3rd warnings, students will be asked to leave the class and may be subjected to one or more of the following:

 Writing the above cited Bible verse 15 or more times
 Push-ups
 Wall sits
 Drills after class
Students with repeated behaviors problems are subject to a parent meeting with the director; or may be suspended or expelled from DCE Training Center.

Tuition, Parent Information, and General School Information
Tuition Payment Options

There is a $25 return check fee

The DCE Training Center tuition and fee schedule can be found on our website, or you may obtain information from the administration.

1) Payment can be made in full or
2) In two installments or
3) In monthly installments


Monthly Tuition Due Dates:
Tuition Before the 1st of the of the month

 $10 late fee each week tuition is delinquent unless arrangements have been made in advance with D.C.E. personnel.
Tuition due BEFORE the 1st of each month
$10 late fee applied on the 1st and every 7 days until current
There is a $25 return check fee

Dancers Must be current each month to participate at the Highland Hills Community Center (where DCE currently resides)

Costume Fee
Each student is required to pay a costume fee. Each fee covers the costume and accessories that will be worn for the end of year recital. Once the recital is over the students are welcome to take their costumes home unless the costume was loaned from the school. Costume fee payment options are provided prior to the beginning of each term
Costume fees vary with each class but will not exceed $150
There is a $25 return check fee

Production Fees
Each student is required to pay a  $75 production fee for any DCE produced show. Fees assist with the production and recital costs.  Check with administrator for specific due dates. 



Fundraising begins at the start of each dance term.

Each student of DCE Training Center is Encouraged to Participate. Although the fundraiser is designed to support the DCE Training Center general fund, successful completion of the fundraiser ensures discounts and incentives. There will be designated drop dates for funds throughout the term. Please see the DCE important dates and Fees handouts.



We understand that dance instruction is both an extracurricular activity and expendable expense; therefore, we are aware that your student may need to be withdrawn from the program. Should you need to withdraw your student, you:
 Must give notice to the school administration and/or director.
 Will receive a letter of withdrawal complete with your account information and student’s dance progress report (should you want to enroll him/her elsewhere or return to DCE).
Should your student be expelled for reasons including but not limited to behavior, outstanding balance, or excessive absences, you will receive a letter of expulsion that states the reason, your account information, and your student’s dance progress report.

Wondering if we’ll be closed due to inclement weather or holiday? Log onto our face book page. All closures are posted there or feel free to call 817-881-4907. Should D.C.E. be closed due to inclement weather, make up rehearsal schedule will be posted.

Students’ Health
In an effort to prevent the spread of illnesses, DCE Training Center encourages that each parent/guardian refrain from bringing ill students to class. If your child is showing signs of illness such as rash, fever, vomiting, diarrhea or cold symptoms, please contact our office to schedule the appropriate make-up class.

Drop off and pick up requirements
Parents it is your responsibility to drop off and pick up your child. There are to be no exceptionally early drop offs unless previous arrangements are made with staff. What is exceptionally early? More than 20 minutes prior to the scheduled rehearsal time. We ask that you pick your child up within 10 minutes after class dismissal. Our instructor’s schedules permit them only a few minutes to prep for the next class in some cases, so please be as timely as possible. Parents must come to retrieve their student from the building. Please do not instruct your child to come outside on their own.

Every student must be signed out by the adult(s) listed on their registration form. We must be notified via phone or in writing if someone not listed will be picking up your child. Anyone picking up your child who is not the listed guardian on file will need to provide a driver’s license.

Recital is designed to demonstrate the students’ progress. DCE Training Center recitals are usually done at the end of the each term. DCE prides itself on the productions we develop to compliment the limitless talent of our dancers. It is important for your child to attend classes, practice at home, and be prepared in order to participate in recital.